Make your
food delivery fly

LinearBi, technologies for quality food delivery

Food delivery is a growing business, and therefore an opportunity that can be added to the traditional restaurant business. LinearBi technologies allow you to manage your relationship with the customer, with complete autonomy, which allows you to deliver dishes with the same quality as served at the table.
From the point of order to delivery, the quality is finally in your hands.

The revolutionary containers you've been waiting for.

Innovative patented containers for transporting cold, hot and fried food at controlled temperatures. 6 models with different sizes to suit every catering business.

The web app where you can publish your menu and receive orders.

BiComm is your personalised e-commerce where you can publish your menu and receive orders. Easy to configure, it can be linked to your venue's website or used as a new portal.

The app that optimises the delivery round of your drivers.

BiRoute is the intelligent App that communicates with BiComm and organizes the delivery round by optimizing times and routes. BiRoute automatically defines which dishes to insert in each box, taking into account the number of vehicles in your fleet.

Bespoke packaging
for five star delivery

LinearBi offers you a complete range of modular containers for transporting your preparations. The packaging is eco-friendly and compostable.


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