Quality food delivery solutions

LinearBi technologies allow you to manage your customer relationship in complete autonomy. From order collection to delivery, quality is finally in your hands.

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Your customers order online, you can relax.

Customers order from your website where, thanks to BiComm, you have published the menu with attractive information and photos. Orders arrive at any time of the day, even when you are not at work.

Don't have a website?
BiComm becomes your venue's website!


The orders arrive in the kitchen.

With BiComm you receive orders and monitor sales. An alert notifies you when an order has been received with the customer's details, the dishes chosen and the delivery time.

The maximum number of orders per slot is defined by you to avoid the risk of overbooking and to ensure a punctual service.


Priority management and DeliveryBox allocation.

Each order is scheduled considering the requests already received and the delivery slot. BiRoute automatically defines the box in which to place the dish considering service temperature and delivery address. BiRoute maximises the load of each available vehicle and avoids unnecessary outgoings, saving you money.


The delivery round is always optimised automatically.

BiRoute communicates with BiComm and organises the delivery round by optimising time and routes. Your drivers are guided by the navigator, check customer data and the payment system. From the kitchen you know their location and monitor the status of deliveries.


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