M-Box DryKeeper
Container for transporting fried food, hot dishes and cold dishes.DryKeeper comes complete with 1 battery and charging base.
Container for transporting hot and cold dishes.
L-Box DryKeeper
Container for transporting pizzas, fried food, hot and cold dishes.DryKeeper comes complete with 1 battery.
Container for transporting pizzas, hot dishes and cold dishes.
Horizontal shelf XL-Box
Horizontal shelf for XL-Box and XL-Box DryKeeper.Creates a shelf for eutectic plates, trays and containers.
Eutectic plate
Recommended cooling element to help maintain low temperatures inside the Box.Each DeliveryBox can contain several eutectic plates. M-Box: 4 L-Box: 6 XL-Box: 8
L-Box backpack
Backpack for carrying 1 L-Box. Adjustable straps and padded shoulder straps for greater wearing comfort.Equipment: 1 L-Box