The smart App to manage orders
and optimise deliveries.

BiRoute is the intelligent App that communicates with BiComm and organizes the delivery round by optimizing times and routes. BiRoute automatically defines which dishes to insert in each box, taking into account the number of vehicles in your fleet.

Guaranteed efficiency and
punctuality for your drivers.

Labels creation

Each dish is provided with an appropriate recognition label generated by the software. It facilitates delivery by eliminating errors.

Dish - box link

BiRoute automatically informs you into Box a dish should be inserted, taking into account the service temperature, driver and delivery address.

Priority management

Each order is scheduled according to the requests already received, the delivery slot and the preparation times.

New order

You will receive an alert each time you receive an order indicating the customer's data, the dishes chosen and the time of delivery.

Optimize loads

BiRoute maximizes the load of each available vehicle while avoiding unnecessary trips allowing you to save money.

Customer information

BiRoute will provide the driver with the delivery information so as to ensure punctuality and safety: customer contact details, order details, position of dishes and boxes.

Location of the driver

Knowing the location of the drivers allows you to respond accurately to customers and improve work schedules.

Automatic schedule

BiRoute automatically creates a schedule to optimize and reduce driver movements.


The integrated maps are constantly updated and optimised to facilitate delivery by any means of transport. 

How much does BiRoute cost?

€ 99

Account activation

Installation and connection of BiRoute App with BiComm.

€ 9

Monthly fee

App update and development with the latest features developed.


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